Portable buildings are both cheaper and faster to build than you may imagine.

With only a matter of weeks needed to build them, portable offices can provide facilities from the headquarters of remote mining sites to a temporary classroom during school renovations.

Here are some of the commercial uses that Elite Portables has serviced.

Project Site Offices

Working on a construction site, or some similar on-site project? The operations need to be managed out of an office building, and portable offices are perfect for this.

By buying a portable office, ready to assemble, the project management will be able to move in alongside the crew in no time. With a modular design that uses prefabricated building materials, you can choose the best design to fit the land and encourage workflow.

Access, comfort and productivity, all of these are possible with an affordable portable office, and this could make the difference for timely quality control and mission success.

Site Accommodation

Portable offices are also suitable as workers’ on-site accommodation. They can be outfitted as residential or ablutions buildings on mining, construction and other projects in remote parts of the country. These buildings can easily be designed to fit the land and project workflow.

For quality of lifestyle and value for money, nothing beats portable offices for short-term workers’ accommodation.

General Offices

Even if your team isn’t working on a construction site, many industries need a site headquarters to go up, fast. If you have a sales team that relocates every once in a while, a portable office could do the trick as your temporary sales office.

It’s critical to get the showroom just right, so that your product is displayed in the best light.

Portable offices marry the convenience of easy assembly with the elegance of a home, offering amenities from timber-toned panels to sleek LED lighting. It’s the professionalism you need to wow your customers.


Why would portable offices be relevant for school learning? For times of change, whether that’s renovations at school or a temporary emergency situation, portable offices can be there when you need them.

Affordable to purchase and quick to assemble, portable offices make sure that children can keep learning without a break in their education. These buildings can easily be moved from site to site, or more buildings added to increase capacity.

Not only can individual rooms be made from portable offices, but entire schools, right down to the toilets and amenities blocks.

Medical Centres

Portable offices can be outfitted with the right facilities to turn them into temporary medical and first aid facilities.

From COVID response to first aid at events, portable offices are robust and versatile to deliver on the needs for many different types of healthcare centres. These include waiting rooms to accommodate patients, separate hygiene and sterile facilities, treatment areas and more.

Choose Quality for Commercial Portable Buildings

Portable buildings by Elite Portables are made to Australian quality standards, and delivered across the country. Learn more about what makes our portable buildings stand out for commercial purposes.