Relocatable Classroom

When you need to expand your institution, add facilities or simply build a brand-new school, you can’t overlook the demountable classroom. The popularity of modular and relocatable buildings for educational purposes has grown over the years as more institutions realise how cost-effective, safe and simple these options are. Our standard modular classrooms are purpose-built to meet the dynamic and changing needs of educational providers. Choose from a huge range of optional extras to create a unique learning space that your students will love.

Turnkey Solutions for Modular Education Buildings

At Elite Portables, we build your deliver your demountable classrooms. We have worked with many schools around Australia to save time and money while offering creative solutions to problems caused by lack of funding, minimal space and rising numbers of students. Let us help you design your specific school project today.

Features of Our Relocatable Classrooms

The base of our demountable classroom is 3 times the size of other manufacturers and strong enough to resist twisting and warping if you need to relocate it several times for maximum use. The steel base is offered in 200UB for buildings up to 8m and 250UB for buildings 9m and over.

The 19mm Yellow Tongue Flooring on the inside of your classroom is super strengthened to create an unmatched foundation for your portable building, making it safe for teachers and students. Each building has aluminium windows and doors to let in the light without putting your security at risk. Plus, your students will be warm in winter and cool in summer with high-quality insulation panels as standard in every transportable room.

We wire your demountable classroom however it suits you so you can maximise the space efficiently, depending on your syllabus and teaching methods. If you need certain technology, let us know and we’ll make sure it’s set up perfectly.

Expand Your School with Elite Portables

Elite Portables, the only portable build that provides you with an instant solution to your space problems. Call us today on 1300 310 480.