Mining Dongas

Mining is a major industry in Australia with huge requirements for portable accommodation. At Elite Portables, we offer a wide range of options to suit your specific project needs and keep your employees comfortable. Our transportable accommodation range is ideal for mining camps and workers’ accommodation that is affordable and attractive to mobile camp staff.

Strong and Affordable Mining Accommodation 

Let us help you save money on your project costs with strong, reliable and cheap portable dongas in a range of sizes.

Some of the benefits of our budget range of transportable dongas are:

  • Minimal installation times
  • Packed with standard features
  • Cost-effective
  • Complete and ready to use

Features of Our Mining Camp Dongas

The base of our mining donga is three times the size of other manufacturers, saving you money in the long run as they are strong enough to resist twisting and warping after being moved several times. The steel base is offered in 200UB for buildings up to 8m and 250UB for buildings 9m and over.

The 19mm Yellow Tongue Flooring on the inside of your donga is super strengthened to create a great foundation for your portable building. Each donga has aluminium windows and doors to securely let in the light, and they are resistant to wear and tear. With standard features like electrical wiring and insulation, a kitchenette and an ensuite, your employees will be comfortable and happy in their accommodation.

Talk to our team about adding custom extras. We are happy to add to, subtract from or completely change the floor plans to suit your needs.

Additional On-Site Portable Buildings

Speak to Elite Portables about creating a complete and comfortable site experience for your employees. We can set you up with a portable kitchen building that is perfectly sized to suit your needs. Plus, we offer entertainment spaces and on-site offices at great prices.

Elite Portables, the only portable build that provides you with an instant solution to your space problems. Call us today on 1300 310 480.