Building with a relocatable home is a cost-effective option for first-home buyers. If you’re looking to build your first home, rather than relying on traditional building methods, see what there is to be gained from relocatable homes. Learn more with Elite Portables.

How Soon Can You Move In?

If you’re looking to move in as soon as possible, it may be better to buy an existing home. After all, those are ready for you to move in. However, relocatable homes can also be ready in record times. As they are built out of prefabricated building materials, which are manufactured in a factory, it can be a turnaround of 6 – 10 weeks for a relocatable home to be fully assembled. If you don’t mind waiting, don’t discount relocatable homes.

Which is the Least Work?

Similarly, if you want to sort through the least paperwork possible to gain your first home, buying an existing house may be the way to go. Building your first home means being involved in building contracts, council applications and many other complicated regulations. However, keep in mind that building a relocatable home is much less complicated than traditional methods of building. The prefabricated materials are already known to work for well-established designs, and there are fewer complications from weather delays at the construction site.

Which One is the Cheapest?

This is the key question for first-home buyers. For your first step onto the property ladder, it’s important to buy value for money so that you can compound your returns in the future. While building is already more affordable than buying, building a relocatable home is cheaper again.

Prefabricated materials are designed and manufactured at scale, meaning this is a rare opportunity for the end consumer to cash in on wholesale prices.

For your first home, a relocatable property is one of the best investment decisions you could make.

Lower Maintenance Costs

Keeping costs low isn’t only about paying less up-front. Combined with the precision manufacturing of prefabrication, this means you can live in a pre-fabricated home for a number of years before any maintenance faults start to pile.

Lower Running Costs

New build homes tend to be built to a much higher standard than older homes, and one key area of difference is their energy-efficiency rating.

Prefabricated materials are engineered to precisely fit together, leaving little in the way of air pockets. With joints tightly stitched together, less heat passes in or out of the house. The windows, which are a major weakness in the insulation of a home, also tend to be built to a higher standard and are better protected. For the lowest heating and cooling costs, turn to building relocatable homes.

Build Your First Home

Not sure how to go about building a relocatable home? Start with understanding the process, and get in touch with our team.