Portable Buildings for Sites

There is so much more to construction sites than just the equipment and materials. Every large-scale construction site needs an office to keep on track of the task at hand. At Elite Portables, we offer high-quality portable site offices, temporary site accommodation and portable lunchrooms to make yourself and your employees more comfortable.

The base of our portable site building is 3 times the size of other manufacturers and strong enough to resist twisting and warping after being moved several times. The steel base is offered in 200UB for buildings up to 8m and 250UB for buildings 9m and over.

The 19mm Yellow Tongue Flooring on the inside of your on-site office or accommodation is super strengthened to create an unmatched foundation for your portable building. Each building has aluminium windows and doors to securely let in the light, and they are resistant to wear and tear. With standard features like electrical wiring and insulation, a kitchenette and a bathroom, you’ll have everything you need to get to work.

Choose an On-Site Office for Your Needs

With desks, chairs and a kitchenette, a portable site office from Elite Portables will help you focus on your work while the construction site carries on around you. Choose from a range of optional, customisable options to create an office that suits your precise needs and number of employees.

We Build and Deliver Your Portable Lunchroom

Choose a portable building with an inbuilt kitchen, fridge included, from Elite Portables. Depending on how many employees you are looking after and your personal preferences, there are a range of sizes and layouts available.

Building Site Accommodation

When you’re working far from home, your employees will need somewhere comfortable and safe to sleep. Our temporary site accommodation is available so you can look after your employees without breaking the budget. Talk to our team about adding custom extras. We are happy to add to, subtract from or completely change the floor plans to suit your needs.

Contact Elite Portables for Assistance

Elite Portables, the only portable build that provides you with an instant solution to your space problems. Call us today on 1300 310 480.