Good design starts with considering the orientation of a home. It’s important to understand which direction your house faces. By strategically positioning your home, you can maximise comfort and efficiency all year round.

Which Way Should My Home Face?

The most popular orientation is a north-facing home. North facing homes will receive more sunlight in winter than in summer. The right house block orientation is one that allows the main daytime living and outdoor areas to be facing north. A north facing yard is a big priority for many homeowners. However, it’s also important to think about where your bedrooms are located. Intense afternoon sun can heat up west-facing bedrooms, resulting in hotter nights for their occupants.

Most house designs tend to have the living areas facing private open space which most often is the back yard. With alfresco areas getting increasingly popular, many homeowners like to have the living and outdoor areas working as one. The easiest way to bring the outdoors is by facing these areas north and having large windows and doors.

Improve Energy Efficiency

With a bit of consideration and planning, you can position your home in a way that saves on energy cost. A house placed with the right orientation will use the sun to heat the home in winter and exclude the sun in summer to prevent it heating up. The sun is an amazing source of light and heat. Ideally, you want to take advantage of this natural resource.

North-facing homes will receive the gentle morning light, with cool shade in the afternoon. This means you won’t have to blast your air conditioner to combat afternoon heat. Smart design tends to maximise the sun’s heat and light where it’s needed by using appropriately placed windows. By strategically positioning bedrooms and living areas, you can be comfortable all year round, while lowering your energy bills.

The Choice is Yours with a Portable Home

If you’re after a home that faces a certain direction, your options can be limited when looking in the traditional housing market. You might find a gorgeous home in an ideal location, only to discover it is poorly orientated. With custom modular homes, you get to choose which way your house faces and can even customise the layout.

Prebuilt portable homes are constructed off site and transported to your plot of land via flatbed truck. This means they can be placed anywhere to maximise sunlight where it’s needed most. With increased flexibility, portable homes offer a range of different layouts, so you can choose which exactly rooms face the sun and which rooms stay cool and shaded.

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