Developments in building technology allow new home builds to be easier, more affordable and more sustainable than ever before. Increasingly homeowners are looking to reduce their environmental impact. Modern portable homes can offer you the quality of a traditional house, but with additional benefits for both you and the environment.

Waste Reduction

One of the biggest benefits of portable homes is drastic waste reduction. As portable homes are built in factories according to specific measurements, there’s no need for excess material, which reduces both off-site and on-site building waste significantly. The prefabrication of trusses, frames and other parts can reduce waste by 52% alone.

Since portable homes are assembled according to strict engineering guidelines, there is essentially no waste created on-site. Considering the fact that renovation and construction waste accounts for approximately 40% of landfills, the ability for portable homes to reduce this significantly is a major upside for eco-conscious homeowners.

More Energy Efficient

The technology behind building and construction has advanced significantly over the years and newer homes use the latest building approaches and insulation materials to achieve unparalleled energy efficiency. Better insulation can lead to smaller energy bills and greater comfort without relying on heating and cooling systems. This reduces energy consumption as well as improving acoustics inside the home and reducing noise pollution.

The Home of the Future

Being adaptable and flexible to changing needs, portable buildings are easy to move without disturbing surrounding landscapes. The introduction of BIM (building information modelling) means portable home manufacturers can plan for any future changes throughout a building’s life cycle – from concept to demolition. At the end of a building’s long lifecycle, all of the materials can even be recycled.

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