Don’t let the name fool you. Modern granny flats are not that different from traditional homes. Apart from the size, granny flats have essentially the same structure and components of a regular, liveable home. Most granny flats have a full-size kitchen, a living space and bedroom.

The best thing about granny flats – you don’t have to compromise functionality. With a great custom granny flat builder, you can even create the perfect living space for you. Below we look at some of the benefits and potential uses for a granny flat on your property.

1. Private Residence for Family Members

If you have elderly parents wanting to downsize, granny flats are the perfect solution. It is where they get their name from after all. Granny flats are also great for older children who would like to stay nearby but can’t afford to, providing the space to house them without your children being directly under your roof. Granny flats ensure everyone has the necessary accommodation, without compromising on freedom, space and privacy.

2. Home Office or Studio

Many homeowners like to build granny flats to be used as their home office or studio. In these cases, the layout of the granny flat can be easily customised to best suit such as purpose. Or it can be kept in the style of a residence, ensuring it has the flexibility to be used for multiple purposes in the future.

3. Potential Rental Income

Granny flats can provide a solid source of income when rented out to other people. This is a popular option for people who live in seasonally populated destinations, such as in beachside towns or nearby national parks. This extra income can help you pay your mortgage down faster or simply provide some more spending money. Keep in mind that using a granny flat for this purpose requires council approval.

4. Increased Property Value

Regardless of whether you intend to rent out a granny flat built on your land or if its main purpose is as a guest house, to house elderly parents or serve as a teenagers retreat, it will increase the value or your property. Creating room for additional occupancy is always going to pay dividends when it comes to property valuation. By building a granny flat instead of extending your main dwelling, you have a self-contained, private space that opens up countless opportunities.

5. Fast Approval

Unlike subdivisions and major renovations, building a granny flat can be a hassle-free process in terms of getting council approval. Provided that the granny flat meets Council requirements and regulations, homeowners can get building approval relatively quickly.

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