Elite Portables has built a reputation as one of Australia’s leading designers and manufacturers of luxury granny flats. We take pride in offering customers the widest and most unique range of designs, all of which keep your budget in mind.

By using creative techniques to optimise space and only the highest quality materials, we ensure that our place as industry leaders is maintained no matter who the competition is.

Why Choose a Granny Flat?

Over the years, we have provided solutions to a host of different customers, each with their own unique requirements. Typically, a granny flat is required when there is a lack of living space on your property. Rather than make a large investment to purchase a new home, we recommend springing for a portable home. Here are some reasons why:

Upgrade Your Living Conditions for Less

With the right expertise and quality construction, you can add a well-designed and efficient amount of extra space to your current property without having to invest in renovation or building a new home.

Make the Most of Modular Homes

Non-modular granny flats are almost always a poor choice when trying to add more space to a current structure. A modular design allows for greater flexibility, modern design and a versatility that is near impossible with all new construction.

Benefit from an Extra Source of Income

Many customers opt for a portable building on their property even if they have decided not to live in it themselves. Our customers choose to invest in portable homes and rent them out to tenants, allowing them to easily make back their initial investment and ensure a significant source of income.

Privacy for the Whole Family

At Elite Portables, we take pride in providing Australian homeowners with a completely unique way to reimagine their homes. With the flexibility and versatility of portable homes, families can add space to their current homes while staying close to each other without compromising on independence and privacy.

Change it Up, Make it Your Own

Modern, modular granny flats and portable buildings provide customers with inspiration as well as solutions to practical problems. Over the years, our clients have used our products as additional space for guests, art studios, home offices, hobby rooms or common areas in which the family spend time together.

Granny Flats Built Using High Quality Materials

We believe that access to quality living conditions is every Australian’s right. We demonstrate our commitment to our work by maintaining the highest standards of customer satisfaction and using high-quality building materials. For the most cost-effective and efficient way to add value and space to your property, look no further than Elite Portables. Contact us today for more information on how you can transform your home on even a modest budget.