For many young Australians who are looking to start families, it can be challenging to choose the right size of home while also keeping the future in mind. We all want a future that is larger than life, with children, space for a hobby, and extra room for loved ones, but this requires a sizeable investment and most young homeowners just don’t have the budget for it.

At Elite Portables, our passion for providing simple, cost effective and efficient solutions for living space requirements has provided customers with peace of mind when it comes to one of life’s most pressing problems; What do you do when you and your family start outgrowing the home where your journey began?

If you think you’ve exhausted all the liveable space on your property or feel disheartened because you haven’t the budget for a home extension project, don’t give up yet. Elite Portables specialises in affordable, transportable rooms that are purpose built to your precise needs. Many of our customers are families with growing children who need their own space to play and grow. Here are some advantages of opting for modular portable buildings as home extensions.

Install an Extra Bedroom Whenever You Need It

There’s no need to make that all-important decision about how many bedrooms your dream home should have. Life is full of surprises and those who go with the flow make the most of it. Add a new bedroom to your home as and when you need it, whether it’s for a guest or a new addition to the family. Adding an extra bedroom with a kitchenette can completely transform the home and create a real living space for any new additions to the family.

Give Your Children Their Own Space to Grow

The latest research in children’s psychology and early learning has indicated that unstructured, independent play has a significant role in shaping the way children learn and interact with the world. Spending quality time with the whole family is critical to development, but so is allowing children to feel like they have a space of their own. With Elite Portables, you can give you children all the space they need with a separated kids playroom designed to your exact specifications.

Adjust Easily to Life with Teenagers

As children grow up, the house can suddenly begin to feel more crowded. Guarantee privacy, peace and quiet for everyone by choosing a customisable portable room which can become a study room, a band practice room or just a space for them to hang out and have some time to themselves.

Custom Designed Portable Buildings in QLD

Whether it’s a little playroom for the newest member of the family, or a home extension to accommodate the growing interests of a passionate teenager, Elite Portables has a solution for every living space requirement. Visit our website today to browse our extensive range of granny flats or contact us today to learn more about our unique process.