What does it mean to have a portable building for a home — shoddy building quality and easy to break into? If this were ever true in the past, those days are long gone. Today, portable granny flats and homes in Australia are made to an enviable standard. The ones built by Elite Portables use best practices in technology and processes to match the security and resilience of traditional homes.

Prefabricated for Modular Portable Homes

Modern portable houses are often modular. Modular homes are mostly made prefabricated parts, especially the wall and floor panels, which were built at an off-site factory before being assembled on-site during construction. Sometimes, even entire rooms or units are built off-site and then relocated. This has enormous benefits in reducing both costs and wastage. Contrary to what you may expect, modular portable homes can be as well-built as traditional homes, as it depends on the building materials and build quality rather than just the fact that prefabricated parts were used.

Automating Portable Homes to be Smart

Portable homes can now come outfitted with a suite of home automation products, for the pinnacle of comfort in home living. Just as portable homes are more convenient to build than traditional ones, they are easier to fit with smart home products. These include wireless lights that rely on a phone app, set schedule or environmental sensors to control when they turn on or off, optimising lighting and energy usage at the same time. Automated awnings and other outdoor shades can also be added, so that you always have the perfect interior conditions inside your smart portable home.

Portable Homes for Disabilities Living

For people with mobility issues or other disabilities, portable homes are much easier, faster and cheaper to adapt for different living requirements, compared to traditional homes. Many Australians currently living in nursing homes would prefer the dignity and freedom of living independently, and there is a growing awareness of how portable homes can make this possible. The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) offers funding to help with modifications for accessible homes. Once approved, customised portable granny flats and homes can be completed in a matter of weeks with features such as sloped ramped, wide doorways and showers, and low benches and sinks.

The Future of Portable Homes

The long history of portable buildings shows constant innovation, which continues to this day. Contact Elite Portables for a portable granny flat or home fit for the 21st century.