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Advantages of Portable Buildings You Can Rent to Own in QLD

  • by   Elite Portables
  • 10 Jul 2022
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Have you been considering a new portable building or shed to rent for your commercial or domestic property? It’s a convenient and affordable way of adding extra space to your property without committing to an expensive, lengthy new permanent construction. With a rent to own program, you can keep the initial cost of the building down while catering to your current needs.  

At Elite Portables, we provide a range of quality portable buildings with financing options to take the hassle out of your purchase. We supply portable buildings throughout Queensland, Australia and overseas, with sizes ranging from a granny flat through to a full family sized home. Below we look at the benefits of renting to own and how it compares to an upfront purchase. 


What Exactly Is a Rent To Own Portable Building? 

The name really does say it all when it comes to rent to own buildings. You simply place an order in to purchase the building from the manufacturer, typically with an initial deposit. Rather than paying upfront for the purchase or renting a building, rent to own options combine the ability to purchase a portable building with the flexibility of renting one. 

After all, why rent portable homes when you can pay off the overall price of the building over time until the final costs are covered. Like a mortgage, you may need to pay some additional fees or interest to service the loan. This may be done via a third party lender or directly through the manufacturer. 


Benefits of Rent To Own Portable Buildings 

The main benefit of a rent to own building is the ability to obtain the structure you need without having to commit to the upfront payment involved in buying it outright. If you don’t have the available funds to purchase the building right away, or if you don’t have the credit to qualify for financing, rent to own options offered by the manufacturer can be your best option. 

Many rent to own programs do not require a credit check as they are offered by the manufacturer, making it available to almost anyone. It also makes the new building affordable with monthly payments instead of requiring the cost upfront. You can factor the same payment into your budget each month, making for easy and predictable financial planning easy and more predictable. 


Affordable Portable Buildings by Elite Portables 

At Elite Portables, our smaller designs start from as little as $47,940. Instead of a down payment of 10%, 25%, or even 50%, we can get started on manufacturing your building with a small deposit of $1580. This means you don’t have to stress about saving for a large deposit, unlike most new builds. This lower cost doesn’t mean you compromise on quality either, with welded steel frames, Colorbond steel roofing, cladding and a steel-skid base, all of which ensure durability, a long lifespan and stylish modern aesthetics. 

Our portable buildings are delivered pre-assembled or in a flat pack depending on your requirements. This requires less on-site costs with a quicker construction time, up to 50% faster than traditional new builds. By buying direct from us, the manufacturer, you also enjoy lower prices as well as fixed price quotes for every project. To find out more, check out our price guide. 


Contact Us for Portable Buildings for Sale Across Australia 

Rent portable homes, offices or storage buildings from Elite Portables until you own them. Based in Queensland we provide services throughout Australia and overseas. Whether you want to build a custom granny flat or need a shed to rent until you own, our experts are here to help. Contact us today.  

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