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4 Tips for Choosing Portable Buildings by Design in QLD

  • by   Elite Portables
  • 26 Jun 2022
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Portable structures are becoming increasingly popular in Queensland and across Australia for diverse domestic and commercial applications. From granny flats and home studios to portable office buildings and full-sized homes, the team at Elite Portables specialise in providing portable buildings for sale that provide the same level of quality as a new build.  

Portable building manufacturers largely use the same construction methods as they use for permanent structures with a foundation, framing and cladding. Below we look at some of the key design aspects of a portable building to ensure it’s fit for purpose and provides an adequate level of quality.  


1. Construction Quality 

The quality of materials and the approach is essential, often varying depending on the application. Start by considering the purpose of the structure and where it will be located. This will help determine what kind of conditions it must withstand. Metal cladding and roofing is highly durable, lasting up to 50 years and offering quick installation. This makes it ideal for portable buildings.  

Determine what’s used instead of a concrete slab foundation, as the whole point is the ability to move the structure. Some companies lay a bed of gravel and install a foundation of pressure-treated lumber. At Elite Portables, we opt for a steel-skid base. Together with a steel frame construction and Colorbond steel for roofing and cladding, this ensures a high level of durability and long lifespan capable of withstanding harsh Australian conditions.  


2. Size 

Size is another key consideration and something that varies depending on the intended use of portable structures as well as the lot size you’re working with. Elite Portables offer a range of sizes from single person, self-contained granny flats to office buildings and family sized homes. We can tweak our designs to suit any lot sizes and unique requirements in terms of topography block shapes.  


3. Features 

Consider what features you need in your portable building. Are you looking to get a granny flat you can use for holiday rental accommodation? An extra dwelling for an elderly family member? An office space with multiple cubicles and a meeting room? Look through the available portable buildings offered by a manufacturer to see what designs they have that suit. Be sure to consider things like the quality of fittings, fixtures, flooring and appliances.  


4. Customisation 

For a solution that truly meets your needs, see if a portable building manufacturer offers customisation. This could include anything from extra windows, doors, and built-in wardrobes to larger decks and custom kitchens. Alternatively, you could be looking for larger storage buildings with higher corrosion and wind resistance. Either way, Elite Portables are happy to work with you and bring a fully custom design to life that suits your exact needs and aesthetic preferences.  

We can modify the shape, size, layout and finishes to your exact specifications to create a space that truly meets all your needs now and into the future. Whether contemporary, traditional, minimalist, country-style or coastal, we can create the look you need for your portable building.  


Premium Portable Buildings for Sale in Queensland 

Based in Toowoomba, Elite Portables are the experts you can rely on for premium quality, affordable portable buildings delivered across Queensland  as well as Australia wide and overseas. To enquire about our range of portable homes, granny flats, temporary offices or storage buildings, contact us today.  

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