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Size Guide for Portable Storage Buildings in Queensland

  • by   Elite Portables
  • 26 Jul 2022
  • Blog

Transportable homes, portable sheds and cabins all come in a wide variety of sizes, catering to different applications and preferences. The size of the portable building you choose will significantly impact what you can do with the structure. Whether you need a self-contained granny flat unit for a single occupant, a larger portable office building or a family size home, it’s crucial to look through the available options and determine what works best for you.  

 At Elite Portables, we offer premium portable buildings and movable shed constructions in a range of sizes, complete with durable steel frames, steel skid bases and Colorbond steel cladding and roofing. Below, we look at some of our options in terms of building and shed sizes as well as how customisation can help you achieve the perfect portable building for your needs.  


What Is The Smallest Portable Building Size? 

The smallest size portable building that Elite Portale provides as an “off the shelf” design the Amanda, which is 6 by 3.4 m or 20m2. This design may look like a small shed size but we manage to pack a lot into the floor plan, which is why it’s one of our most popular products. Ideal when space on the ground is limited, the Amanda allows you to add extra space with a freestanding dwelling or extension on an existing home.  

It’s got enough space for a single occupant or couple to use it as a self-contained bedroom, complete with a small kitchen area, toilet, shower and air conditioning. The Amanda can also work well as a home office, studio, hobby space or storage area.  


What Is The Largest Portable Building Size? 

The largest portable building that Elite Portables manufactures is the Erin, which is 15 by 8.8 m or 132 m2. Designed to support family living, operate as a movable shed or for large scale portable office operations, this structure offers plenty of space. When optimised for a family home, the floorplan offers spacious open plan living with 4 great sized bedrooms. For commercial applications, these rooms can be converted into separate office spaces, with the ability to add a meeting room and/or reception area if required. 


What are the Average Portable Building Sizes? 

With 13 designs to choose from, some of the mid tier sizes at Elite Portable include the Chelsea (13.5 x 3.4m or 25.9m2) and the Carmel (12 x 4m or 48m2). These are larger units capable of fitting two spacious bedrooms in addition to a communal living space, perfect for those looking for some extra space in their granny flat, bungalow or home office. To explore our full range of designs, check out our price guide. 


Flexibility and Customisation 

Of course, you aren’t just limited to the range of building sizes, floor plans and shed dimensions offered through our “off the shelf’ range. We’re more than happy to accommodate customisation to the floor plans on any of the designs, ensuring you have the flexibility to execute your original vision.  

You can even enquire about a complete custom job. From a basic, large shed size construction to a complex floor plan, we always aim to accommodate your vision. Simply send us a “mudmap” or draft design and we’ll respond with a quote or reach out for a further discussion of what you need.  


Contact Us for Portable Buildings for Sale Across Australia 

From transportable homes to portable sheds and cabins, Elite Portables are your trusted design and construction team in Queensland. Our experts provide services Australia wide and overseas. To find out more about our building sizes, shed sizes, shed dimensions or customisation options, contact us today.

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