As the world recovers from the massive economic upheavals in 2020, it has become increasingly clear that people have to find new and creative ways to adapt to the changing economic landscape. For many, work from home has become permanent and many future homeowners have changed their plans after taking stock of their buying potential. Luckily, for those looking to get creative, there is always a way to make the most of the situation in which we find ourselves. At Elite Portables, we are committed to completely changing the way people think about living spaces by making them accessible, affordable and cutting-edge, all at once.

Convenient and Budget Friendly Holiday Homes

At Elite Portables, we firmly believe that you don’t have to have a high income or decades of savings to become a property owner able to benefit from a rental income. We find that granny flats as standalone properties are increasingly popular with young families and savvy investors who see the inherent cost to benefit ratio available to them. With minimal investment, a cosy, modern and well-designed portable building can be installed on even a small plot of land, independent from your own home while fully functional with utilities and amenities. Keep your privacy and lifestyle intact while increasing your income by providing a separate space for potential tenants and holidaymakers.

Benefit from Airbnb’s Disruption of the Rental Market

The growth of Airbnb has marked a paradigm shift in the way that people view holidays and hotels. For years, tourists and travellers were beholden to hotels, resorts and motels when traveling. With Airbnb opening up the short-term rental market to just about anyone with a room, regular homeowners of all ages and backgrounds can now create an experience for travellers on their own property and create an alternative source of income.

By investing a relatively small amount to create a standalone holiday home, you can provide guests with peace and privacy, which in turn allows you to charge more for the experience you create. The most remarkable aspect of creating a weekend getaway or even a medium-term rental space is that it gives you powerful word-of-mouth marketing and reaps greater rewards for you later down the road. Create a holiday home on your own property and guarantee yourself a sizeable income stream with minimal effort.

A New Way of Living with Portable Buildings

Whether you’re looking to use the extra space as a personal studio, a home office, or a full-fledged rental property for Airbnb travellers, you can’t go wrong with an investment like this. As Airbnb’s market share continues to skyrocket, a new rental culture of short to medium term durations with extremely innovative customisation and personalisation has emerged. Contact Elite Portables to learn how we provide you with the infrastructure to become an Airbnb location while keeping your budget and lifestyle in mind.