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Seasonal Accommodation for Commercial Enterprises

  • by   Elite Portables
  • 30 Jan 2022
  • Blog

Running a commercial enterprise of any kind in the fast paced, constantly changing world we live in used to be an overwhelming challenge. What Elite Portables has learned from our years of experience assisting commercial clients of all kinds is that cultivating a mentality of versatility and flexibility while keeping costs in check is the way to get ahead. With that in mind, Elite Portables has always provided clients with quick, convenient and budget-friendly ways to maximise space and accommodation for seasonal requirements such as periods of heavy tourism, harvesting season and mining purposes.

Benefits of Portable Buildings and Granny Flats

For most businesses, yearly revenue does not come in equally over the months. Restaurants, event organisers, farms and others have to make it through lean months and prepare for the seasons where they make most of their income. Reducing the scope of operations due to lack of accommodation or making a hefty investment just for a few months can be wasteful. We recommend Granny flats which are easy to build and transport, come fully equipped with amenities and utilities, and come at a fraction of the cost of permanent structures.

Industries where commercial rent accounts for most of the monthly costs find our portable buildings invaluable, as they can expand their capabilities for a season, profit from the higher footfall while benefiting from having outlaid the significantly lower cost of a granny flat. Having the flexibility to add and remove structures in a convenient way can completely change the decision-making framework, making big decisions about growth much clearer and easier.

Industries that Benefit from Portable Buildings

Using our expertise, we proudly support a wide range of Australian industries by providing end-to-end space and accommodation-related solutions.


Australia’s long mining heritage has always represented the pinnacle of the pioneering spirit. As Australian mining ventures deeper into the country, constantly striving to enhance productivity while also safeguarding its commitment to sustainability and safer, better conditions for miners, trust Elite Portables to ensure that flexible mining dongas with quality amenities are available to all.


Australia’s thriving farming sector relies heavily on labour during harvesting and fruit picking seasons. With the cost of doing business rising sharply, the need for quick, temporary and quality accommodation is greater than ever. Elite Portables’ granny flats are ideal for workers to relax and rest up after a day of hard work in the fields.

Supporting Seasonal Businesses in Queensland

Whether your business is a large-scale mining operation, a farm bursting with seasonal produce or a growing business which suddenly needs to create space to account for greater footfall, Elite Portables has a solution for every seasonal accommodation need. Contact us today to find out more about our process.

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