Working from home is a dream outcome for so many people who are used to the daily grind of the office. Unfortunately, working from home can hinder your productivity when you don’t have a dedicated space to concentrate away from distractions. In this article, Elite Portables is discussing the benefits and methods of using a portable building as an at-home office, workshop or studio.


Building an Office in Your Backyard

If you have the luxury of working from home, you can build a portable office that perfectly suits your needs. When you hold meetings in your home office, you want the freedom and peace to work without distractions. Having a purpose-built office will help you present yourself as a professional and impress your clients.
When building your portable office with Elite Portables, there are a few things to consider. You’ll want adequate insulation and lighting to keep your workspace productive and comfortable. Natural lighting is important when you don’t want to strain your eyes while you work. Our portable buildings come with secure aluminium windows to help you make the most of your natural light.

We also consider your needs when setting up your electrical wiring so you can choose where you’d like to put your lights, technology and power outlets. Building a custom-made portable building is a great option for personalising your office and allowing you to enjoy your workspace.


Creating a Studio or Workshop at Home

Whether you’re a budding artist, a freelance mechanic, or anything in between, you’ll need space to explore your creativity and work in peace. A transportable home can be perfectly customised to suit your needs, especially when you choose smart storage solutions for your materials and tools.
Next, you’ll want to consider your layout. Having an included bathroom will allow you to wash away the mess you’ve made while working without having to drag it through your home. An attached kitchenette will keep your workspace fully self-contained so you can focus on the task at hand. Consider the features that would benefit you the most and speak to your portable home builder about your options. 


The Benefits of Building with Elite Portables

Elite Portables can build a custom work area that is perfectly suited to your needs. With prices starting from as little as $2,000, our budget range is packed with standard features that will take away the stress of the project. Our building process is fast and efficient, so you’ll be working productively in no time.
Each one of our portable offices is equipped with:

  • A super-strong steel base and welded frame
  • Colorbond cladding and roofing to withstand harsh Australian weather
  • Aluminium windows and doors for added security
  • High-quality insulation
  • Custom-designed electrical wiring
  • Air conditioning
  • Kitchenette
  • Ensuite

Elite Portables, the only portable build that gives you an instant solution to your space problems – call us today on 1300 400 278.