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Step-by-Step Guide to Building Portable Homes in QLD

  • by   Elite Portables
  • 11 Mar 2023
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Elite Portables goes beyond just constructing homes; we guide our clients on a journey to their portable homes. Our approach is far more comprehensive and personalised.

We offer expert design consultations, leverage specialised planning software, and provide custom-built portable homes tailored to your unique needs. We also specialise in portable buildings for sale and offer solutions for various needs, from residential homes to relocatable classrooms and temporary office buildings.

This comprehensive guide explains our step-by-step process of making your dream portable home a reality in Queensland.


Step 1: Personalised Design Consultation

Our process commences with a personalised design consultation. In a one-on-one meeting via Zoom, we discuss your aspirations, preferences and unique requirements for your new home.

This early discovery stage is instrumental in aligning our vision with yours, ensuring we understand what you’re looking for, whether it’s a conventional portable home or a unique requirement like a relocatable classroom or temporary office building.


Step 2: Interactive Planning and Site Mapping

The next phase is interactive planning and site mapping. Using specialised planning software identical to the tools used by certifiers, we visually present your site plan during our meeting.

We then drag and drop our various designs of portable homes or other portable buildings for sale onto your site plan. This interactive approach lets you visualise the placement, orientation, and overall look of your new portable home or building.


Step 3: Discussing Preliminary Considerations and Requirements

In this stage, we discuss preliminary planning considerations, supply install requirements, and any special considerations unique to your situation. We tackle potential challenges, navigate regulatory requirements and work out customised solutions tailored to your site and personal circumstances.

We understand that every site and every customer is different, whether you’re seeking a traditional portable home in QLD or exploring more unique options such as relocatable classrooms.


Step 4: Provision of Ballpark Costing

Financial transparency is vital in any home-building project. During our initial consultation, we provide a ballpark costing. This estimate empowers you to make an informed decision about the project, knowing the expected financial commitment.

Whether you’re looking for portable homes or relocatable classrooms, we’re committed to ensuring you have all the necessary financial information upfront.


Step 5: Building Your Custom-Built Portable Home

We build all portable homes and buildings in our controlled factory environment. This approach ensures strict quality control, efficient delivery times and consistency in the building process. Your dream home or portable building, be it a temporary office building or classroom, is thus crafted with the utmost attention to detail.


Step 6: Delivery and Installation

After constructing your custom-built portable home or building, we install it on your site. Our experienced team ensures all utilities are correctly connected, the building is securely placed, and your new home or structure is move-in or usage-ready.


Step 7: Post-Installation Support

Our commitment to you extends beyond the completion of construction. We provide post-installation support, conducting inspections to ensure everything is as it should be. We’re also available to address any questions or concerns that may arise.


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