Many Australians looking to construct their dream home weigh up the choice between buying a portable home versus a traditionally built home. Some people are concerned about the build quality and structure of a portable building, but this is a misconception. Portable homes are not only designed and built to last, but also offer many benefits that traditional builds do not provide.

Pre-built portable homes are strong and high quality due to the factory controlled environment where they are built. Portable homes offer high durability due to the stringent engineering specifications behind the design, which are required when buildings must be transported by trucks then installed on site.

Build Process

Also referred to as modular homes, portable homes are typically built in sections then fitted out internally with kitchens, bathrooms, flooring, tiling, painting. The sections of the house are then separated and placed on trucks to transport to the site. Once on-site, they are positioned in place and installed.

The range of transportable homes from Elite Portables comes with a huge range of amazing features that are totally customisable to suit your needs. The super-strong steel-skid base is incredibly durable, completely eliminating the chances of the floor twisting or warping even after being moved multiple times.

Benefits of Portable Homes

Portable homes are built to last and can be made to suit the harsh environments found in Australia. This includes areas prone to bushfire, flooding, coastal air, flooding, storms and cyclones. Portable homes offer great value in rural areas in particular as it can be difficult to find traditional builders to service these areas.

Pre-built modular homes arrive on site fully fitted out and complete and once installed, it simply needs to be connected to services by local trades. Portable homes also require less on-site costs and offer a fast construction time which can be up to 50% faster than traditional builds. The efficient factory-built process is eco-friendlier because it leads to less construction waste on-site.

Why Choose Elite Portables?

At Elite Portables, our framework is made from fully-welded steel instead of timber, making it easy to transport and giving it a far longer lifespan. We clad your walls with genuine, Australian-made Colorbond cladding to give you peace of mind that your portable building can withstand heat, wind, rain and all harsh Australian conditions.

  • Affordable because you’re buying direct from the manufacturer
  • Delivered pre-assembled or in flat pack
  • Available both “off the shelf” and custom designs
  • Cyclone rated
  • Delivered anywhere in Australia

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