What is fuelling the rise in popularity of transportable homes, all across Australia? The beauty of transportable homes is that you can have it all: cheaper, faster, and more efficient in energy usage.

With the high quality of build you can expect from Elite Portables, these are the transportable homes that can compete against traditional ones.

Quality of Build

No-one would want to compromise on the quality of their home just so it could be built cheaper and faster. However, efficient construction doesn’t mean rushed construction. Transportable homes offer full structural integrity that would pass any quality controls with flying colours. Just like any other building in Australia, transportable homes are made to meet the usual codes and standards that regulate our building industry.

Both cars and transportable homes are manufactured on factory assembly lines, so your roof overhead is as reliable as your wheels on the road. Portable homes can hold their own against traditional.

Cost of Build

If anything, when you line them up toe to toe, it’s the traditional homes that struggle to compete. Transportable homes are vastly more affordable than traditional, in both material and labour costs. Material costs are lower because the materials were prefabricated and manufactured on a streamlined assembly line under slick operational efficiency. For each unit of measurement, transportable homes have a lower material cost. Labour costs are reduced as well, which is important as this is between a third and a half of total construction costs. The rapid turnaround to build a transportable home means less hours charged by a construction team.

Versatile Design

As transportable homes rely on prefabricated building materials, they often rely on a standard set of features that can suit a wide range of people. They fit in well with neutral and minimalist aesthetics. These components can be assembled, disassembled and relocated easily, and they can be mixed and matched to create the specific set of features or style you’re looking for.

However, for truly customisable home designs, a traditional home may be better suited. With the design and build costs that come with customisation, many of the advantages of using prefabricated materials are lost.

Sustainable Design

One of the reasons for the popularity of transportable homes is how environmentally friendly they are, both in terms of sustainably sourced building materials and better insulation for energy efficiency.

Unlike the high wastage associated with traditional construction methods, prefabricated building materials use the most efficient manufacturing for established home designs. Additionally, unlike many leaky and shoddily constructed homes, transportable homes are built to fit together precisely.

With few loose joints where air can circulate and heat can be lost, transportable homes are energy efficient. You’ll notice the difference in your heating and cooling bills.

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