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Portable Homes and Transportable Houses: Affordable Strategy for Building Home Additions or Adding Extra Space to an Office in Ipswich

Additions—whether to a home or an office—are an excellent way to add space and functionality to a property. A quality, well-built home or office addition can help you put off a move for years, or avoid one entirely. Indeed, with the right addition, the idea of a family ‘outgrowing’ a home or a business ‘outgrowing’ and office can feasibly be declared obsolete.

Unfortunately, for all of their pros, home and office additions also come with a fair set of cons. Sure, these added spaces are pretty much nothing but beneficial once built, but it’s the building process that makes families and businesses question whether or not additions are worthwhile. Additions are expensive; they take a long time to build, and the construction process can be distracting. Having a new home office, an extended kitchen or extra bedrooms are all things that appeal; having contractors and construction teams around your house for months at a time is probably not.

How Portable Homes in Ipswich Can Solve Your Problem

So how can you enjoy the core benefits of a home or office addition—extra space and added functionality—without having to deal with the cons? At Elite Portables, we can help. We specialise in designing portable shed homes in Ipswich. We customise each unit we build, which means that we can cater to your needs or preferences as far as design and function are concerned. We also can either deliver our units pre-assembled or as flat-pack kits that you can construct on your own. Either way, you avoid the distracting presence of builders on your property.

One of the biggest advantages of working with Elite Portables to build a shed house in Ipswich is how quickly we work. Home or office additions might sound especially appealing if your family or staff is feeling cramped in current premises. The problem is that, with the lengthy building processes that these add-ons typically bring, your family members or employees still have to deal with limited space issues for months. Elite Portables can deliver instant accommodation and solve your problem much more quickly.

An Affordable and High-Quality Solution

Best of all, the transportable homes that Elite Portables design in Ipswich are both affordable and high quality. When you work with us, you are buying directly from the manufacturer, which means that you save big money compared to what you would spend with another portable home supplier in Ipswich. You will even see savings if you choose to go down the custom design route.

These affordable prices are not a sign of lax quality. On the contrary, at Elite Portables, all of the shed homes we build in Ipswich are fabricated from quality steel frames and welded by expert craftsman. We meet all Australian standards with our shed house structures so that you can buy from us with peace of mind intact.

Don’t spend an arm and a leg on a home addition, or wait six months for your office add-on to be usable. Instead, call Elite Portables today and let us help you build the perfect transportable home in Ipswich. Dial 1300 400 278 to speak with one of our representatives today.