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Stay True to Your Style: Customise Your Portable Homes and Transportable Shed Houses in Brisbane

There are plenty of situations where it might make sense to add a portable home to your residential property in Brisbane. Maybe you need extra space for your growing family. Perhaps you need an at-home office space that is isolated from the rest of the house. Perhaps you are thinking about adding a rental unit or ‘granny flat’ to your home. You might even just want an apartment-style space on your property where you can house parents, in-laws, grandparents or other relatives when they come to visit.

The Elite Portables Difference

In any case, there are places to shop for shed homes in Brisbane. If you want the finest transportable homes in Brisbane and the best customer service, though, then Elite Portables is the place to start your search. Since we first started our business, our goal has been to provide elite product quality and elite customer service to every single person we serve. From homeowners to business owners, from clients dealing with space issues to customers interested in rental investments, we strive to make sure that everyone shopping for a shed house in Brisbane has the most positive experience possible.

At Elite Portables, what sets us apart from other portable home suppliers in Brisbane is our ability to prepare custom designs. Many companies just sell mobile homes ‘off the shelf.’ They have generic units that are intended to suit a broad range of purposes and leave their service there. At Elite Portables, some customers do buy ‘off the shelf’ to save money and then fit the units out themselves. More often, though, our customers work with us to customise their shed homes in Brisbane.

Custom Portable Homes in Brisbane

What makes Elite Portables special is that we recognise the fact that everyone is different. Imagine that you are shopping for a new house and have scheduled showings to look at a few different properties. Now imagine what it would be like if every home you looked at were identical—with the same layout and the same features. Would you be satisfied?

The answer to this question, of course, is ‘no.’ Everyone has different tastes and different needs, and a one-size-fits-all portable home is never going to be able to meet all of those preferences. At Elite Portables, we prefer to work with you to customise your shed house in Brisbane. We will take all of your preferences and needs into account—from floor space to layout, from wall insulation to air conditioning, from electricity to water and beyond. With our help, you can design a portable that is just what you need.

Whether your home needs an extra bedroom, an office space, a detached apartment for guests, or a granny flat that you can rent out to out-of-town travellers, Elite Portables can help. To start the process of customising your transportable home in Brisbane, give us a call today on 1300 400 278. We can’t wait to help you make your vision a reality.