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Use Granny Flats Enjoy a Passive Income Stream; Choose Elite Portables for Dongas, Modular and Relocatable Homes in Toowoomba

With the ups and downs of the real estate market, it makes sense that many homeowners in Australia are today re-examining the way they think about their homes. When it comes to long-term investments, your home can be an excellent one, but it takes effort to not only keep its value but also to improve upon it. Today, there is an option for homeowners that adds value to your property while also creating an opportunity for generating income. With modular homes, your Toowoomba property can become a home for someone else, too. By erecting granny flats, you’ll be able to create rental income with minimal disruption to your routine.

Elite Portables provides a top-tier source for the dongas Toowoomba residents need to start renting out their space. With options that range from the small (for tiny home enthusiasts) to the spacious, these relocatable homes fit comfortably onto properties with appropriate acreage. Elite Portables supplies the finished product custom-created to your specifications; all you have to do is hook up power and water to the finished unit. After that, you can seek tenants who wish to take up residence. Of course, adding relocatable granny flats to your Toowoomba home means it’s easy to house visiting in-laws or explore other uses as well.

Why our Modular Homes are Perfect for Toowoomba Property Owners

Creating a pleasing space to rent out to others is straightforward and convenient with Elite Portables. First, choose the size of the granny flats you want to add to your property. For rental purposes, you may want to opt for a larger unit which can comfortably fit amenities such as air conditioning, a toilet, and a small kitchen in addition to a separate cosy bedroom. Our team can help you to ascertain which choices will be the best should you wish to customise a unit fully before ordering. However, many of our “off the shelf” models fit well into the rental role as well.

Because Elite Portables handles all the hard work, including construction of the dongas if you prefer to skip our flat pack option, it’s an ideal solution for busy homeowners as well as seniors seeking additional income. We streamline the entire process for customer satisfaction. Not only will we gladly answer any of your questions or concerns, but we’ll work hard to present you with satisfying solutions.

Select your model and place an order today

The additional income that relocatable homes can provide to Toowoomba residents can prove to be a game-changer for many. The extra weekly or monthly income provided by tenants occupying one of these simple, elegant spaces can provide you with peace of mind and the stability that regular income provides. Best of all, Elite Portables’ products are affordable and come with an array of quality guarantees. That includes a ten-year structural warranty and more, so you know your rental investment is safe for the long term. Generate a sample price with our web tool, or call on 1300 400 278 now to discuss your needs with our customer service crew.