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From Granny Flats to Dongas, Modular and Relocatable Homes Make an Ideal Second Office on the Sunshine Coast

Construction projects involve more than just a bunch of skilled workers arriving on site and rapidly putting up a new building. They require careful planning, procurement procedures, and on-site guidance. Even the best-surveyed sites building from the best blueprints will encounter unexpected issues and problems to deal with over the course of construction. That’s why the job site is such a busy hub of activity from the moment your team breaks ground to the placing of the capstone. It can be helpful for you to have a location on the job site where you can monitor the work and conduct your business. When you’re looking for dongas on the Sunshine Coast to do the job, choose Elite Portables.

Modular and relocatable homes aren’t just good for adding granny flats to your home. They also provide an excellent solution to your temporary office needs on a construction site. Whether the location is remote or simply very busy, Elite Portables can create all kinds of modular homes for Sunshine Coast businesses. What sets our relocatable dongas apart, though? In other words, besides our wealth of experience in this industry, what are the reasons for choosing one of our products? There are many!

Why choose Elite Portables for dongas on the Sunshine Coast?

First and foremost, among the advantages to Elite Portables products is their durability. Even the granny flats we make for the Sunshine Coast feature the same robust construction. We start with quality steel for the frame and fill out the structure with choice materials and fittings to create a comfortable space for meetings and office work. These modular structures also come with many options, allowing you to customise a relocatable home for use on multiple job sites over time.

Elite Portables dongas can measure up to 12 by 3 metres, offering a comfortable space filled with amenities. With flooring types that include beautiful wood laminate, you can maintain the professional appearance you want to present while on the job. Combined with our decade-long guarantee on quality craftsmanship, you can count on modular Elite Portables homes to stand up to the harsh conditions it will face. All the while, you’ll be able to stay comfortable and focused on the tasks at hand.

Our Customer Service Team is Ready to Chat with You Today

At Elite Portables, we understand that supplying relocatable homes on the Sunshine Coast for use as a temporary office isn’t a “one size fits all” kind of job. Instead, our team will consult with you to learn about your needs as well as the location where you’ll place your dongas. From there we can work with you to supply the all-steel construction and quality craftsmanship you expect. Be sure to ask us about our flat-pack option for those who wish to assemble their homes on their own. From granny flats to modular homes and offices, Elite Portables offers it all at affordable prices. Contact us today by calling on 1300 400 278 to discuss more.