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In Need of Modular Homes in Logan? Elite Portables Boasts a Variety of Granny Flats, Dongas, and Relocatable Options.

In your home is a series of trails – all cut through the endless piles of toys and clothes, impulse purchases and bulk-bought consumables. You’re forced to manoeuvre through the chaos. It’s no easy task, especially when your relatives come to stay. Finding even the scarcest of inches for them to rest their weary heads requires a series of huffing, puffing, and cardboard box moving. You’re left exhausted, and they’re left surrounded by precarious towers of knick-knacks.

Elite Portables suggests seeking an alternative – modular homes in Logan. These options deliver much-needed space. No longer force your guests to struggle with haphazard stacks of stuff. Embrace comfort instead, offering them new accommodations to enjoy. Through our extensive range of homes (including 6m x 3m, 9m x 3m, and 12m x 3m) we allow you to create floor plans that are perfect for your family and friends.

Our large range of homes ensures convenience, with you now able to accommodate every guest. Curious about our dongas in Logan or granny flats in Logan? Contact us today by phone (1300-400-278) or by email (info@eliteportables.com.au). We’ll happily answer any questions.

Choosing Relocatable Homes in Logan: Our Selection

Your home overflows with everyday items, and this makes overnight visits a challenge. Let us deliver the space solutions you crave, offering a wide selection of modular homes in Logan.

Provide your guests with custom granny flats in Logan, taking advantage of our:

  • Generous Floor-Plans – we boast a diverse range of styles, from 3m x 9m to 12m x 3m, allowing our clients to create the ideal spaces.
  • Quality Craftsmanship – we ensure that all relocatable homes in Logan promote the highest of standards, blending welded steel construction with national safety regulations (including cyclone resistance ratings).
  • Adaptable Designs – we construct all dongas in Logan to your requirements, enabling you to piece together crucial elements, including water and electricity connectivity, air-con connectivity, full kitchen and restroom facilities, power point locations, flooring options (such as carpet or tile), and more.

Our modular homes in Logan deliver comfort, security, and style – allowing you to host every guest with ease. Request a quote today to learn more.

A Promise of Quality: Our Relocatable Homes in Logan

Your guests deserve the best – and we strive to provide that, with our granny flats in Logan paired with a series of guarantees, including:

  • The Structural Guarantee: 10 Years.
  • The ‘No Rot’ Guarantee: 25 Years.
  • The Secure Delivery Guarantee: 100%
  • The Safety Guarantee: High Wind Rating Compliance

We offer you the service and craftsmanship you crave, and we’ll ensure that your modular home exceeds every expectation.

To learn more about our granny flats, offices, rumpus rooms, and dongas in Logan contact Elite Portables via our online form. Provide a few simple details and our team will generate a custom no-obligation quote, allowing you to start the construction process.