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How Elite Portables Can Help You Establish an Extra Income from Property Rental, with Dongas, Modular Homes, Granny Flats or Relocatable Homes in Ipswich

Have you ever gone on a trip and bypassed the hotel for a vacation rental? There’s a comfort and relaxation you get from renting out someone’s home, townhouse, condo or apartment that you can’t get from a hotel or motel. The anonymity of hotels, and the fact that hotel rooms are like slates that they wipe clean every 24 hours or so, makes it hard to feel at home in one. Vacation rentals are different, though: they feel like home because they are homes.

If you’ve experienced the comforts of a vacation rental firsthand, then you may have also started to wonder whether or not you might be able to generate a second income by adding a rental property to your portfolio. By giving travellers and tourists a place to stay while they are in town, and by charging a reasonable but significant sum of money per night or per week, you might be able to make more money and save more money than you ever thought possible.

The Elite Portables Option

Many real estate investors get into the vacation rental game by purchasing attractive properties, fixing them up, furnishing them and then posting them on popular vacation rental sites. This method has worked for many people, but it might not make for the best first foray into the world of vacation rentals. After all, purchasing a new property and fixing it up is a significant expense, and it can be a risk in the best of circumstances—particularly if you don’t have experience with vacation rentals.

At Elite Portables, we can offer a reliable alternative option. We build a range of modular homes and granny flats in Ipswich. These units are portable accommodations that you can use for an array of different purposes, from home offices to detached apartments. If you want to get started with vacation rentals, but don’t want to take the full plunge by purchasing an expensive property, an Elite Portables dwelling is a compromise worth considering.

Our relocatable houses in Ipswich are fully customisable, so you can outfit them with everything that an out-of-town traveller could want. You can also keep these dwellings right on your property, which makes them easier and more convenient to maintain than other vacation rentals. If you ever end up moving to a new address or a new city, you can also take your portable house with you.

Add to Your Income Today, with a Granny Flat in Ipswich

Our customers at Elite Portables come to us for many different reasons, but a good number of our clients have used our granny flats as vacation rentals in Ipswich or Brisbane and seen good earnings from them. With a well-appointed portable dwelling, a handful of photographs and posts on the Brisbane area’s top vacation rental sites, you can start generating a reliable weekly rental income from your granny flat.

Add one of our modular homes or dongas to your property in Ipswich. Call Elite Property Rentals on 1300 400 278 to learn more.